Publisher Review: Turquoise Morning Press

Turquoise Morning Press  is a small, international publishing house that offers both digital/ebook formats and trade paperback print books. They publish heavily in the romance genre but have numerous books in other genres.

Retailers include:

Amazon All Romance eBooks Barnes and Noble Smashwords  Apple/iBooks Diesel eBooks  OmniLit Bookstrand

Publisher Review

Free reads: 1 No free reads. Mostly likely they are on the author’s own websites. It is hard to get to know a publisher and what kind of product they are selling if you can’t at least try one out. I would like to see links to some of the shorts stories if they have them. I think that would get readers to come to their site and stay a while longer.

Social: 4  They have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile, and a separate bookstore you can buy books.  No Pinterest page of the published book covers yet (possibility?). Their promotions and coupons are fairly regular.

Website: 3 I found the website difficult to manage. I had to go to a separate page to look at the books. And then the catalog drop down menu was really long, too far down on the screen for readers to scroll without having to start over at the top of the screen. I had expected to find romance sub-genres in the Romance category, but there weren’t any just a jumbled menu. The page was not as refined or well grouped. Perhaps we are very spoiled with other online bookstores. In the future, (in anyone is reading this) I would hope to see alphabetical ordered genre catalog and then a sub-genre breakdown. I think that it would be easier to navigate and find a type of book I want to read. I gave up after to failed attempts to find something.

Overall Experience Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Overall I would give Turquoise Morning Press a 3 out  5 rating. I know they are a new publisher and I want them to succeed. I feel that this will help them become better at getting the readers to them so we can read their wonderfully written books.






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