Publisher Review: Black Velvet Seductions Books

Black Velvet Seductions Books

Black Velvet Seductions (BVS Books) publishes romance novels and relationship focused spanking fiction. Check out our offerings at our website

For everything romance reading and writing related like us here on Facebook, follow them on Twitter where they are @BVSbooks or check out the blog where they give away lots of great prizes and host some of the hottest authors.

Black Velvet Seductions Readers Blog


Twitter BVS Books @BVSbooks


Free Reads- 1 None that I could find on the main website or their blog. Perhaps it is the author’s job to handle their own promo.

Social Networks- 3 As you can see above Black Velvet Seductions has a Facebook, Pinterest page and Twitter account. On their blog they have many giveaways by not just the BVS authors but many guest authors too.

Website- 3 I felt that the rating of a three was high for them, the only reason I am giving a three s because the blog is pretty nice contests guest bloggers and information about new releases. Th main website however needs work.

I don’t know any other book publisher that doesn’t sell their own books on their own website. But it seems BVS doesn’t sell books. They link to other site that sell their authors books. I don’t like it.

And what is with all the different mailing lists BVS has? I counted four, for readers, writers, reviewers and bloggers, and advance notice of chats newsletter.?!

Overall Experience: 2 Solid rating for a weird hog-pog site. I just seems like the main site is an after thought of the blog. BVS has listed information about the blog, the books ( all the books are on one webpage) submission guidelines and social media page (it’s blank though) and a learn from the editors page (free lessons in writing for BVS). In contrast, the blog, while it has a no frills approach is still packed with loads of information and contests and is geared for the reader.



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