Blogging Truths


Blogging Truths and a Few Facts

The above picture was the original logo and header for Then after a few to many hacks I bought another site and better security. Also a porn site bought (no ‘s’) and took all the traffic I was getting. Beware: If you are getting a large following, buy the domains around your website just in case. I went from a few hundred visits per day to less than a hundred in the month the hacking and porn site popped up. Oh and I forgot to mention the jerk that bought that site then tried to sell it to me a few months ago. (stupid poop head)

Some believe blogging should better the world in some way, be controversial, or contribute something to humanity. I say what a crock of cat poop. I believe the internet is for entertainment and communication of information all over the world…and Porn. Yes, I said it porn.  The internet is 30% porn, and sex has been a booming industry for…forever.

I never read a book about blogging until I needed to write about blogging. I learned to blog on the job and some would say I still do not blog correctly. Nevertheless, I am comfortable with my style of blogging. There are many paid experts will tell you how to blog the right way. The truth (as I believe it): There are no right ways to blog, only your way (plus grammatically correct writings, which I still have a hard time doing).

I blog like the way I speak, informally and sarcastically. Some things to avoid that I have done in the past is the use of profanity, and risqué graphics or pictures even if it is the book cover. I have a “You must be over 18 to view or enter this site” disclaimer. If you deal with any questionable material such as adult romance, then you need to have that.

Myth: I can be paid for blogging and make loads of money. Truth: I am still not paid for any of the blogging that I do. I report, discuss and evaluate urban fantasy, and romance novels. I give you, the reader my honest opinion. One day someone will pay me to BIG money to blog, right. Well back in reality, that will most likely not be the case. Since the blogging became the “thing” to do the internet has been flooded with blogs. Some of these blogs are nothing but commercials.

Blogging for me is an offer of my opinion of books that mean to entertain you. Sometimes these books do not deliver, and when that happens I like to call the author out on that. While their books may entertain, I really will give you my honest and sometimes less than thoughtful opinion. I am not an English major, or an editor, however I do have a college degree. I feel it is my job to tell when authors are doing good work and where you should spend that hard-earned cash. I have a wallet, computer and a butt ton of time, all of which I use to buy, read and blog about books. Why do you give your opinion? Because reading books are, my passion and I want to share that love of books with you, the readers in the blogosphere. I love fiction, mostly romance fiction, some urban fantasy and of course erotic fiction. (Again, sex sells.)

So if you want to try it out on your own go for it. Help an author out by leaving feedback and reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords,, and any other book selling website. As long as you are respectful and have constructive input about the book, (not a retelling of the story) the review will be welcomed by the community. Happy Blogging!


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