Review: Dark Days by Arya Grey


Dark Days

by Arya Grey


Regan Steele is a young stripper who has gone through life assuming she’s the only one who can see and annihilate the demons that have plagued her since childhood. She certainly doesn’t expect to meet another Hunter, let alone fall for his insufferable ass. 
Wyatt Recker has walked the earth for most of his life. Alone. When he stumbles across Regan he knows his attraction to the girl can mean only one thing—trouble. But, he soon realizes that no matter his rules and regulations, he cannot deny her for long.
 When the demon world shifts, stakes are higher than ever. Can Regan and Wyatt come out of it alive, or will their love for one another endanger them further?

Not sure where to start with this one as I am left scratching my head wondering “what the heck did I just read?” Regan Steele is a part-time stripper and full-time demon hunter. She has spent her life fighting with demon spawn creatures, while trying to avoid being locked up in the looney bin by her family or worse, dead. It’s a lonely life she leads. Until one night, while working the pole, Wyatt Recker (ridiculous name I know!) finds his way into the club and sets his sights on her. When the demons attack, Regan is shocked to learn that Wyatt is a hunter as well. Curious to find out what he knows and if he can help her, Regan follows him in the hopes that he may help find a way to end these creatures once and for all and to find normalcy in the hellish life she’s had to endure.

Plot: 3. The story was OK. I find it hard to create a compelling and seriously entertaining story in only 56 pages. I liked the fact that the story took place in the Louisiana bayous. If you’ve never been in one at night, you cannot imagine how creepy they REALLY are! What irritates me to no end in the book, is that it is assumed that people from the south fail to know how to use the English language properly. While that is the case with some people here, it’s not the case with most and the stereotype drives me crazy! I digress though. So, we’ve got a stripping demon hunter and cowboy demon hunter, searching for demons. Why? I’m not really sure. I don’t have the heart to read it again to try to find out why.

Sex: 2. Yes, there was sex in the book, but it was so rushed and ridiculous that I wanted to laugh while reading it. Some of the positions they were supposed to be in didn’t even seem humanly possible to me unless Regan was a stripping, demon hunting, contortionist. Ehhh…I couldn’t get into it.

Overall: 2. If you’re really into books about demon hunting and need a “naughty nooner” then give this one a try. It’s not AWFUL, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to my friends. Take that for what it’s worth.


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