Review: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by: Melissa Kendall


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Romance On the Go
By Melissa Kendall
romance, erotic, gay, military,contemporary,mm, coming out 
Evernight Publishing


Sergeant Jason Holt and his boyfriend Sergeant Patrick Wentworth have been in a secret relationship for almost ten years. When the daily paper brings news of the repeal of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, they think their prayers have finally been answered. Yet things aren’t always as easy as they seem, with not everybody at work supportive of their lifestyle and even their parents skeptical. Will they finally be able to be out and proud? 

Plot: 5. This Romance on the Go novella centers around enlisted men, Jason and Patrick. Together since their first year at West Point, this story details their ten year relationship before, during and after the “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell policy is established by the government.

Sex: 4. There are quite a few scenes in this book that were pretty freaking hot! They start early on (page 5 to be exact) and definitely satisfied my craving for some camo-wearing M/M action. This book really got me going and did not disappoint.

Overall: 4. I feel that the author did a fantastic job portraying what I can only imagine homosexual men and women in the military must feel like. This novella was really quite touching. I can’t imagine what it must be like to not be able to express your feelings for the person you love, to have to hide in fear of physical abuse, losing your job and worst of all, losing family and friends. This novella addressed all of those topics in such an honest and respectful way and I am so glad that this author had the balls to address such a sensitive subject. For this, I salute Ms. Kendall, as well as all of our enlisted men and women – gay or straight. THANK YOU!


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