Review: Triple Threat by Silvia Stancil (PNR,ER)

1146614Triple Threat

Club Heat series Bk 2

by Silvia Stancil

Paranormal Erotic romance
Published By: Evernight Publishing
Published: Mar 20, 2013
ISBN # 9781771303279


Janika Lexus has been working at Club Heat in Soul City long enough to know the ropes. She knows her way around town and if there’s one thing she’s discovered, it’s that the seemingly peaceful Soul City is no walk in the park.

As if there weren’t enough paranormal threats, rumor has it that the metropolis has been invaded by Fire Vampires, a terrifying species of vampire that holds allegiance to no other, said to originate from hell itself.

There’s only one way for a human gal to get any kind of safety in Soul City—Janika must pick a pack of shifters as her mates in order to win their protection. And despite her rigid commitment to never commit, Janika can’t help but wonder if she’ll end up winning the heart of Lance, who seems to stand apart from the pack in a way she hasn’t yet unraveled.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMMM), multiple partners, orgies, anal sex


Plot: 3. This Romance on the Go novella revolves around Janika, a young bartender in the town of Soul City Florida – a city ran rampant with just about every kind of paranormal being imaginable. There are vampires, werewolves, shifters, and other demonic creatures. Looking for protection from said creatures, Janika decides to become a pack mate with a group of Tiger Shifters. Of course they’re not your average shifters, they’re ridiculously hot and sexy. Mmmm… the best kind!

Sex: 4. In order to become a pack mate with the Tigers, Janika decides the best way to be come a pack mate is to bed all of the members. Did I mention there are four members? Woo Hoo! The sex was ridiculously dirty and including all the things you imagine would happen with four guys in one girl – oral, anal, double penetration – the works.

Overall: 3. While normally, I don’t find short stories all that great, this one actually worked for me. The plot was original and surprisingly, I connected with the characters. I think I would enjoy seeing this book expanded into a series. It was hot and heavy from start to finish and kept me turning pages.


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