Deanna Wadsworth’s Countdown to Christmas Blog Tour

Countdown to Christmas with Ms. Claus

12 days and counting!


Thanks for asking me to blog a second time, Jorge, for Deanna Wadsworth’s Countdown to Christmas blog tour. I actually enjoyed myself the first time. And how could I not enjoy myself when I’m being asked to blog on a website called Naughty Edition Reviews. If anyone knows about naughty, that would be me, Lady Frieda Claus—and NO Santa is not my husband, he’s my brother. Eew! Those of us at THE NAUGHTY NORTH POLE don’t have an exclusive on being naughty. One look around this sexy website, I any one knows that Mistress Rayna probably knows a thing or two about being naughty, as well!

Here’s to kindred spirits!

Its 12 days until Christmas and the North Pole workshop is the full swing! We are so busy I don’t even get a chance to sit down and eat. My brother Nick’s Christmas Cookie Baking School is producing many crazy new cookie concoctions, but I’ve only gotten to try the root beer cookies, and I totally missed out on the sugar plum stuffed shortbread! It is so hectic around here I cannot wait for my big Christmas Eve bash!

If you want to know why I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve, maybe you should read the story Deanna Wadsworth wrote about me MS. CLAUS’S LIST. It’s the first book in a series called THE NAUGHTY NORTH POLE from Decadent Publishing.

Keeping in line with all things naughty on this website, I want to talk about the fourth installment FUN & GAMES WITH RUDOLPH. It’s the story of an elf named Lars. He is the hottest Light Elf you will ever see. Tall, thin, gorgeous and his cum taste like peanut butter. And believe me, it goes well with everything!

If you are enjoying the Countdown to Christmas blog series, catch a list of all the dates HERE. This Monday you will hear from Jorge, the organizer of this little blog blitz and he’ll be over at

Today, I wanted to share an excerpt from my book MS. CLAUS’S LIST where Lars is first introduced in the series. It is book one, but I think it gives a good set-up in getting to know Lars. I hope you enjoy this exclusive naughty excerpt!

Oh yeah, and please enter to win the first three NAUGHTY NORTH POLE books and a $20 Amazon gift card in the entry box below. Best of luck!


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wpid-Rudolph-medium.jpgBlurb for FUN & GAMES WITH RUDOLPH

The Naughty North Pole—Book Four

By Deanna Wadsworth

Lars is the sarcastic elf who runs Santa’s Mail Department and he follows the dating rule of “no repeats”. But lately he’s been having a romantic textlationship with another elf, via the dating app Elf4Elf. When his cyber boyfriend goes AWOL after a misunderstanding, Lars realizes too late that there is more to life than sex, work, and cookies.

On Christmas Eve, Santa asks Lars to personally deliver a gift to Rudolph—a former reindeer handler who left the North Pole because of a misunderstanding. Rudolph lives on the secluded Sugar Plum Ridge and the only way to get there is by sleigh. Lars just can’t get a break!

When a sudden blizzard forces the two elves to hole up in Rudolph’s cabin, will they find a way to make their own fun and games or will one surprise ruin it all?

One thing is certain: after this night, they both will believe in the magic of the Naughty North Pole!

Deanna Wadsworth might be a bestselling erotica author, but she leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio with her wonderful husband and a couple adorable Cocker spaniels. She has been spinning tales and penning stories since childhood, and her first erotic novella was published in 2010. When she isn’t writing books or brainstorming with friends, you can find her making people gorgeous in a beauty salon. She loves music and dancing, and can often be seen hanging out on the sandbar in the muddy Maumee River or chilling with her hubby and a cocktail in their basement bar. In between all that fun, Deanna cherishes the quiet times when she can let her wildly active imagination have the full run of her mind. Her fascination with people and the inter-workings of their relationships have always inspired her to write romance with spice and love without boundaries.


Check out Deanna on the web! Facebook  Twitter Blog  goodreads

You can buy Deanna’s books at Decadent Publishing, All Romance and all reputable eBook sellers


Extended EXCERPT from MS. CLAUS’S LIST where we first meet Lars—the hero of FUN & GAMES WITH RUDOLPH

“Sir Erik,” Donna announced. “Please step forward and share your tokens of esteem.”

This tall, olive-skinned elf had poison green eyes, which sparkled like gemstones from the deepest treasure vaults of Valhalla. I recognized him as the Dark Elf who had handed Nick the reins of the sleigh earlier. His smooth body did not have a hair in sight, other than the midnight black waves of the mane brushing his shoulders. I wondered if he had any body hair at all and my nipples tightened at the prospect of finding out. I glanced at my clipboard.

His cum tasted like chocolate.

Wasn’t that every girl’s favorite?

Damn, I loved being me.

“My Lady and Mistress,” Erik began. “May I approach?”

I gestured him forward. “By all means.”

“I have but one gift to offer and that is me,” he whispered in my ear, his voice sensual like vodka-spiked hot chocolate. I shivered from the heat of his breath on my neck and before I realized what had happened, he kissed me.

And not just any kiss. Erik tasted and explored my mouth, suckling on my lips and leaving me weak. Someone let out a few wolf whistles but Erik’s scent and taste intoxicated me. For a second, I swore maybe I had reached Valhalla.

He retreated, breaking the kiss but not moving far away. We still shared the same breath. I practically had to cross my eyes to look down at the glorious mouth that had just made love to mine.

“Well,” I said in a breathless pant, licking my lips. I blinked a few times, and he straightened. Before I could focus my vision again, the smug bastard had already walked away, grinning at his success.

I couldn’t wait to wipe that smirk off his face. I had more than one use for a mouth like his. I’d bet Pip did, too. Blood still thundered in my ears in rhythm with some Christmas carol I couldn’t recognize—didn’t they all sound the same after a while?

Erik and Pip would be it. Why the hell did I even go through the motions, allowing Donna to announce the next contestant on The Penis Is Right? I’d made my choices. And if Bachelor Number Four with his lame-ass poetry and Number Five with his bizarre and somewhat creepy sideshow contortion act were any indication, this thing needed to wrap up, and quickly.

Just when I was about to say, “I’m done, let’s commence with the fucking,” Donna nudged me in the side.

“What?” I hissed rather belligerently. My clock was ticking, and I had an itch that needed to be scratched.

Donna gave me a disapproving look and jerked her head to the man in front of me. The tall Ljósálfr regarded me with mild amusement, his eyes reflecting the gold highlights in those tresses. He’d tied back his long, watery-caramel-colored hair with a leather thong. He wore only dark blue silk pants, flowing loose and easy, revealing the bumpy presence of the sizable endowment in the front.

Hmmm, Daddy always did say patience was a virtue.

“What do we have here?” I drawled.

“A trick to entertain the Lady,” Hot Pants told me.

He proceeded to stick a shot glass in my cleavage—after asking permission, of course. I watched on as he filled it with a sweet, dark liqueur and a cherry. Smiling a saucy grin, he leaned closer, his hazel eyes never leaving mine, and his red lips opened. I held my breath as he reached the shot glass, his mouth wrapping around the rim expertly, damp lips skimming my décolletage. Grasping the rim with his lips, he threw his head back, downing the drink, not a dribble on his chin.

He removed the glass and chewed languidly, far longer than I thought he had to. Not that I was complaining or anything. He made chewing sexy. Next, slowly, he stuck out his long pink Gene Simmons tongue to reveal the stem tied into a knot.

“Damn, I heard he was good with his tongue,” Donna whispered in my ear. “But…damn.”

My throat had gone dry, and I couldn’t speak.

The applause snapped me back. The Ljósálfr returned to the line of candidates, before I’d even gotten a chance to catch his name.

The last contestant would be Pip. Exceedingly curious what he would do, my heart raced. I hoped the kid didn’t disappoint.

“May I approach, Mistress?” he asked.

I vaguely nodded my approval. Wouldn’t do to let anyone know I’d already chosen him.

He leaned in close to my ear to whisper, “You should pick me because I will get Erik and him—” he flipped a thumb at the man in blue pants “—to do things that will blow your mind.”

A shudder frosted across my back, settling somewhere in the vicinity of my low belly. How did he know who I would pick? I cleared my throat. Pip gave me a cocky little salute with the brass dildo and practically skipped down the stairs, confident in his victory.

Oh, tonight was gonna be a good, good night.

Fast forward…I made three selections. Lars—the cherry stem guy—Eric, and Pip.

A cheer went up when their names were announced but there were a few distinct boos. The winners approached me and Donna while the losers sulked off to find another willing lover. Like they would have a hard time. Just being nominated was an honor…blah, blah, blah. Enough about them. Let’s get back to me.

All three men were ordered to their knees before me, Erik in the middle and the other two at his sides. Donna made them face the same direction and placed black leather collars around their necks, connecting each one to silver harnesses. Like a little groom, she instructed them to get on all fours, my very own livery of studs, and handed me the reins.

I stood, towering over my prizes. Lars and Pip looked excited and Erik divided nervous glances over his shoulder at Pip and to Lars’s round, silk-clad ass, mere inches from his face. Had the silly thing thought he’d get me all to himself? Oh, the things I would teach him.

I caught Pip’s eye and winked. Grinning like a fool, he was obviously on the same Polar Express as me.

With my boys in tow, I gave the go-ahead to the rest of the elves. “Party hardy, my friends. You have twenty hours left!”

A cheer went out, and the music got louder. With great pomp and circumstance, I led my boys, crawling on all fours, to my chambers. A sudden yip sounded behind me, and when I turned, Erik scowled back at his harness-mate, Pip. The little blond elf had an unapologetic expression on his face for the nibble he’d obviously taken the liberty to have on Erik’s ass.

“It’s right in front of me, what else am I supposed to do?” Pip asked.

I laughed, and Erik blushed, locking his eyes forward—and right onto Lars’s balls, the shape easily visible beneath the thin silk. His cheeks went redder still.

“Come, boys. I think a few little love bites will seem like old hat after the four of us are finished tonight.”


Check out Deanna on the web! Facebook  Twitter Blog  goodreads

You can buy Deanna’s books at Decadent Publishing, Amazon and all reputable eBook sellers


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