Review: All The Wrong Moves by Miranda Stowe


By Miranda Stowe

Whispers Publishing (out of business?)
Contemporary Menage
M/F/M Novella


Twice the tempo, twice the protection, twice the pleasure.

When Sin Crawford and Trace Buchannan start their security firm, they have no idea it will lead them back into Caitlyn Pruitt’s life. Cait left Sin when she realized he liked to share his women with his best friend. Now, years later and many life experiences between them, Sin and Trace take on a body guarding gig for pop singing sensation, Astrid, only to realize the young diva has hired Cait to choreograph the dance moves in her next music video.

Not about to lose Cait from their lives again, both men are determined to dish out their best moves this time around to win her over once and for all…as long as they don’t let their target get killed by a dangerous stalker in the progress.


When I first selected this book for review I made a quick glance at the cover and assumed it was m/m—which is what I usually review for Naughty Edition. But a few pages in and I realized, whoa, there’s a chick in this. Well, the writing was clean, well done and enjoyable so I continued and I was glad I did.

The story tells of two best friends, Sin and Trace, who run security and get hired to protect a bratty pop star (think Miley Cyrus). They will go undercover as dancers in the star’s video. The surprise is that the pop star’s dance instructor is Cait…..the woman from their past.

Several years ago Sin was dating Cait, but his best friend Trace was always there, being sexy and distracting. Unable to resist temptation, one night Trace kissed her. When Sin saw it, she thought it would be the end of their relationship but rather than being mad, he wanted to join in. This was too much for Cait to deal with and she ran, leaving both men with broken hearts.

Now back to present day. The two guys not only must protect the pop star from a vengeful stalker, but they also realize that this might be there one and only chance to convince Cait that she has room in her heart and her bed for both of them.

Overall the writing was excellent, the sex appropriately spicy and I thoroughly enjoyed the suspenseful twist at the end. Too often ménage books are lacking in plot, but this one does not disappoint. I won’t give spoilers, but if you are looking for a quick, spicy ménage, pick up ALL THE WRONG MOVES and enjoy.

Overall Enjoyment: 4

Reviewed by Reviews by kitty kat


Want to read it free? Click here it will take you to the author’s PDF page. Where she is offering it free on her website.



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