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My name is Rayna, I am the bloggerof the reviews here on NEB. I am also a huge fan of paranormal and erotic romance. I like a little story with my sex. Ha ha! Hell Yeah I said it!

Now a few facts: I am not paid to do this and won’t take to kindly to bribery. Okay that is a small lie. I always respond well to ARC’s from our FAB and FAVE authors. Now my opinion , as frequent as it is, is honest and blunt. If I don’t like a book I won’t trash it just for the sake of being mean. But I will tell you exactly what is going on in my head. I have a nasty habit of speaking my mind and talking trash about stupid people. My views and opinions are not something I will preach about, so this is not a soap box, but I will put the smack on you if I find I am misinterpreted. Also, I am really, really trying hard to watch my language. But I can promise you that I will not drop the F-Bomb.  Ever. But some excerpt do. And I will post adult warnings of those times. If I can remember.




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